Halloween Hand Painted Shells

These exquisite Irish shells have natural textures and patterns with blush coral colours. The back of the shell has been hand painted, in a halloween colour palette, in abstract Jackson Pollock style... by Irish Artist Helen Hughes.

Brighten up somebody's day by sending them an organic eco-friendly Halloween Charm.Or simply treat yourself to a unique, reusable, sustainable, Halloween decoration for your home, that can be used year after year.

* Celtic shell from the Irish Sea
* Natural textures formed from the sea.
* Cleaned with natural products (no bleach).
* Approx size: 8x9cm

Our Celtic shells are delicate and tactile, glowing with colour.  
They are sustainably grown and crafted by the weather and the ebb and flow of the Irish sea.


***Each shell is beautifully presented in its own rustic hessian sackcloth.***

Please note:
These shells are 100% organic and may vary slighty in size and colour than the actual item shown. Likewise, the artwork and colour may vary slightly than the actual item shown.


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